We have produced so much cables that we can wrap it around the Equator 40 times

Building wires

Building wires and flexible cables, with the nominal voltage of up to 750 V, as single-wire or multi-wire lines cables, are used for laying solid in construction, while performing electrical installations in various buildings.

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Power distribution cables

Low-voltage power cables with the nominal voltage of up to 1 kV are used as single-wire or multi-wire power distribution cables for industrial purposes, electric power machinery and plants in industrial plants and for electricity distribution in underground and overhead distribution networks, for low-voltage distribution as used by power distribution companies (e.g. HEP in Croatia).

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Conductors and ropes

Conductors and ropes are used in cable industry, as a semi-product in the form of a conductor for production of cables and for power distribution networks in the electric-power industry, as earthing ropes. Conductors can be made of copper (Cu), aluminum (Al) and aluminum alloys (AlMgSi).

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