Sustainable development

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3P = PeoplePlanetProfit

When talking about sustainable development, it is often believed that it is a choice between environmental protection and social issues in relation to economic issues; however, true sustainability can only be achieved at the point of intersection of all the three spheres.
It is not about preserving the planet or making a profit, but about saving the planet and making a profit at the same time.

Environment protection policy

Our commitment is to produce and market a product in an environmentally healthy and responsible way.
We operate our facilities, processes and raw materials in a manner that meets or exceeds the regulations and other requirements, and reduces the risk for our employees and the local community.
We work on permanent strengthening of our activities in the field of protection of the environment, health and safety through:

  • defining and developing the culture within the company in which the care for the environment, health and safety is built through an example, participation, recognition and training;
  • measuring the performance in the field of environment protection, health and safety, and comparing it with the capacity of the management system, the prescribed requirements and the determined annual targets;
  • the analysis of aspects of environment protection, health and safety connected with all new processes, materials and equipment;
  • improving our management system for the purpose of quick response to the findings of regular planned internal and third-party audits regarding the environment protection, health and safety;
  • controlling and reducing the impact on the environment through selection of raw materials, and use and introduction of the best management practices, process improvement and recycling.

Environmental care

Our commitment is to manage our operations and facilities in the way that reduces their impact on the environment.
The first goal in our waste management is to prevent generating of waste, and, in the second step, we apply the 3R hierarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle.
Reducing energy consumption
Reducing the electricity consumption, which accounts for up to 85% of our total consumption, is our primary goal and we apply different reduction measures, such as LED lighting, automatic control of the maximum power level, receiving the electricity at the medium voltage, etc.

Water reuse

The reduction of the consumption and protection of water quality are the key objectives of sustainable development, and we are therefore aimed at water reuse; a closed recirculation system and adiabatic heat exchangers are used for cooling, and all rainwater is processed by oil and grease separators (traps) and the water purification bio-disc.
Recycling of materials
We recycle 100% of copper and aluminum, and 95% of polymers in the line and cable waste ourselves, and we hand over the remaining portion of polymers and other materials, such as: foils and wrappings, cardboard, paper, wood, etc. to companies specialized in waste management


Eurocable Group is a member of the:

  • Croatia Green Building Council (

thus following the LEED idea – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, not only through the membership and ideas, but also by development of LSZH cables – Green Cables – products in accordance with the LEED principles, thus ensuring the products with a lower corrosivity index, lower CO2 emission, lower emission of non-toxic smoke, whereby they a reduction of the risk to people and buildings is ensured as well.