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Founded in 1999 in Zagreb, Eurocable Group is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical lines and cables in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. With some two hundred employees and growing business results, as well as the list of references, it is today one of the leading economic operators in Croatia and in the region.

The production of Eurocable Group is presently carried out at two locations, in Zagreb and in Jakovlje. Its maximum total production capacity is nearly 40,000 tons of finished products.
Both production sites are characterized by:

  • the technologically advanced computer controlled production equipment,
  • high production speeds and a high automation level of all the production processes,
  • quality control during the production process
  • a high level of the employee training and the implementation of the quality policy on their part, with the vertical integration through the in-house production of 8 mm copper wire from the cathode and PVC granules with the recipes developed and customized to our own production technology.

Special attention is paid to care for the environment through reduced energy consumption, and by reducing waste through optimization of all the production processes and recycling of up to 95% of the total waste at the production site. In both production plants, water consumption is very low on account of the introduced closed circuit process water cooling technology.

The PE packaging, in which finished products are delivered, along with all the copper and aluminum cables, conductors and ropes as finished products, can be completely recycled after the expiry of their life cycle and use.

Today, the company operation is oriented on the following markets:

  • export market – 92%:
    Austria 35%, Germany 30%, the region of Central and Eastern Europe 16%, other EU countries 7%, Switzerland 4%.
  • Domestic market – 8%:
    Croatia 8%

In order to further strengthen the position acquired during nearly fifteen years of development and growth, the objectives which are based on the delivery of high quality products and services are determined and followed on the daily basis, always keeping in mind protection of life and the environment.

The obligation of setting the quality objectives and monitoring their realization, ensures consistent implementation of the quality policy.